Job Hunting In Paradise

For the whole duration of my Perioperative Nursing Program, one thought kept going through my head; I can’t wait to be done this so I can finally move to Banff. Everyone I talked to had one of two things to say: “Don’t do it, you can’t afford to live there” or “I am so jealous”. I’m definitely on the latter team.

While Banff is notoriously expensive to live in, I believe that loss of luxury is an easy sacrifice to make in exchange for living in outdoor recreation heaven. It is a well known fact that you can walk out your front door in Banff, pick a direction, start walking and it will be guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful hikes of your life. And for the perspective OR nurse? Banff is known as one of the top sport medicine surgical hospitals in the area. Surrounded by five ski hills within a two hour  radius, it makes it easy to see how this small town became the hub for all sport related injuries. And it is into this specialty area that backpacknurse hopes to jump into!

Never one to miss an opportunity for spontaneous adventure, I called up my best friend Cat, who you will recognize from The Great US Roadtrip chronicles and asked her if she wanted to join me for a hiking trip up into the mountains while I threw out resumes and did interviews. Always up for adventure herself, she packed a bag and jumped in my car. Like no time at all had passed, we quickly settled back into the routine that had become so familiar to us during our previous month long travels. Within minutes of landing in the Banff/Canmore area, we had our hiking boots on and our feet on the trail. After months of being crammed into buildings studying and working, it felt good to breathe the fresh air and really stretch out my legs.

This post will be super short as this backpacknurse has better things to do right now then sit inside writing! Lets go hike a mountain!

Banff from Tunnel Mountain

Banff from Tunnel Mountain

All the problems of life seem so small from up here...

All the problems of life seem so small from up here…

Adventures are always better with a best buddy

Adventures are always better with a best buddy

Rundle... my goal is to hike this mountain this summer...

Rundle… my goal is to hike this mountain this summer…

The Diagnosis

Accomodations: Samesun Hostel $36/N for 6 Bed mixed Dorm

Transportation: Vehicles entering Banff National Park will need to buy a vehicle pass. These range from day passes to season passes which will run you around $60 for the year.

Trails to hike: The possibilities are endless! Even walking down the street is an adventure! But I highly recommend Tunnel Mountain (featured in this post), Sulphur Mountain and Johnston Canyon for easy day hikes or Rundle or Cascade for intense full day there and back trekking.

Story Time

Have you ever been to Banff? What were some of your favorite parts about it? What are some of your favorite hikes?