I’m going on an adventure!

More exciting news for backpacknurse! As you might have already noticed, I never do things the easy way, the slow way or the one at a time way, so after getting accepted into the perioperative nursing program, I decided that a trip was in order. Actually I’m kidding, the trip was already planned, but instead of cancelling because school started a whole two months earlier than I had anticipated, I decided I could handle it. So here I go!

Backpacknurse is hitting the open road. Literally. I might even resort to pounding it with my fists if I get frustrated. I am backpacking across Eastern Canada for two weeks, starting in Halifax and ending it all in Montreal, passing through PEI and Quebec City along the way. I will be taking my classes online the whole time, and even have my first assignment due on Thursday (pause for mild panic attack).

Wish me luck, and see you on the road!


Just Kidding

I know I just posted about how I was planning on separating my travels from my medical work. I created another blog, posted to it for a week, and I already hate it. I keep wanting to come back to this blog and try again to find a way to combine the two. So from now on, I will stop trying to simplify things and just allow them to be beautiful messy chaos. Life is messy, so I don’t know how I thought I could tidy it up into neat little categories. So welcome back to the original backpacknurse, travel, medical work, and all of life’s little messes in between. Thanks for sticking around as I went through my identity crisis!

Back To School I Go

Exciting news in the backpack nurse universe! This nurse is heading back to school!

As an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) , it is virtually impossible to find work in the international aid medical field. Organizations such as Red Cross and Doctors Beyond Borders simply will not accept LPN, and will only accept Registered Nurses (RN). Up until recently, this made perfect sense as many times in the field, it is only the nurse and a doctor, and sometimes only the nurse themselves. This required that the nurse be well versed in acute trauma care. The LPN course is a two year diploma, where as the RN program is a four year degree. Up until recently, the LPN program simply wasn’t strong enough to prepare LPN’s for the high acuity of care necessary for the field, let alone the Emergency Room.

All of that has changed now. The LPN program has progressed in leaps and bounds and LPN’s everywhere are finding new fields opening up to them in the acute care setting, not the least of which include the E.R and the Operating Room.

And it is in this direction that I am now moving in the hopes of opening doors into the international field for not only myself, but LPN’s everywhere. I have been accepted into the LPN operating room course. In this field I will not only assist anaesthesiologists, but scrub in and assist the surgeon directly as well. It is an exciting field that I am ecstatic to join into, and I know that it might be just the extra push I will need to push open the doors into the international aid community for other LPN’s to follow.

Wish me luck!

Story Time

I would love to hear from other LPN’s/ two-year diploma nurses (every country has different names) on how they found their way into different high acuity fields, particularly if you moved to a different country to do your nursing! What area do you work in? If you went to a different country, what hoops did you have to jump through? what group did you go with? links to websites/ group pages would be much appreciated!

Checking For A Pulse

When I first started this blog, I had intended it to be a collection of writings about medical missions with some travel adventures thrown in. I had hoped that by writing about my journeys into the medical mission field, I would not only inspire others into the field, but help provide some solid tips on how to get into it in the first place, as it is a fairly obscure field.

So far however I have failed miserably in that aspect. The travel aspect I have covered, but I have failed to post even one story about anything medical at all. This has been my first foray into the blogging world and everyone has greeted me so warmly as I stumble my way through some growing pains. I had thought I could create one blog for both travel and medical missions, as both are usually synonymous in my head, but it has proven difficult to keep a straight train of thought when writing. To help simplify everything and make it less chaotic for everybody, I’ve decided to split the two into two seperate blogs. I will keep this one for the medical mission side of my writing and have created a second blog, Itchyfootgypsy for my travel writing. I invite everyone to check it out and hope you will enjoy it, and super appreciate everyone’s support as I figure out this whole blogging thing!